True Detective (TV Show 2014-Present)


True Detective (Television Show 2014-Present)

Ep. 1 The Long Bright Dark

Directed by Cary Fukunaga

A brilliant set up of a flawless cast and plot line. Better made than most films I’ve seen in the last year, like many recent television shows (i.e. Breaking Bad, House of Cards). Watching it for the first time, you’re drawn in by powerful opening credits, as you do with all HBO dramas, playing the country-esque theme song, Far From Any Road by The Handsome Family. It starts and ends with gritty and wonderfully developed dramatic performances by Matthew McCaughney and Woody Harrelson (whom my mother went to dinner with once in Venice, CA). The youthful Russ and Marty are trying to solve a strange and fowl, possibly serial, murder case. The older versions, make up and movement done perfectly, sit in an office and meeting room of what seems to be the DA answering questions.

The story unfolds unexpectedly before your eyes, every scene more memorable than the last. Every single aspect of the show is done so well from writing to cinematography, I would just have to say to watch every second of it the next time you get a chance to binge watch a show. I’m currently on the 5th episode.

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